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A FREE SERVICE provided by ASAP Business Communications!**
Are you Losing Your Customers On Hold?

Are you missing out on a vital opportunity
to tell a first time customer about your business?

Don't let those first valuable seconds with a customer be left to annoying
Muzak or commercials that have nothing to do with you or your business.

At A.S.A.P. Business Communications we know what
an important tool your business phone can be.

We specialize in quality voice over recordings.

Choose a professional Male voice like mine!

Or a quality Female voice like mine!

Whether you need an English speaking voice,

Or if you prefer your recording to be in Spanish.

A.S.A.P. can make your business phone an extra
sales person at no extra cost to your payroll.

Call A.S.A.P. Business Communications now

and you can get this On-Hold Service absolutely free.

That's right, call now
and you can get your own customized on hold service for free.**

No Catch, No Commitment required

Just call toll free

and call us...


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The Fine Print:
Your telephone equipment may or may not require additional hardware to interface with the music source. Also in some cases a memory card or other media may or may not be required. You can supply this item or ASAP can provide it for you for a very small fee. ** To qualify for the free service, a 10 second promo for ASAP may be added to the end of your recording. This is optional.

Sample Customer Recordings
AV Kidney
Joe's Tax Service
Dr. Office
Dentist Office
Automotive Spanish and English
Promo Spanish Male